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Multi-Platform Media Showcase

We helped increase student enrollment at Pathways to Graduation, an HSE program in the NYC DOE

Due to an easing in graduation requirements, P2G has seen more and more of its students complete their HSE and go on to post-school success. While that might not sound like a problem, they now faced a challenge of filling new vacancies that have opened up. We worked with them to develop media that would be responsive to a variety of platforms including a social campaign to recruit new students and a landing page video to educate about the benefits of joining the program. As part of a school-wide professional development initiative, we also created an internal presentation showcasing school-wide staff, faculty and student successes.


The social media recruiting campaign has resulted in increased traffic to the P2G website, navigating prospective students to inviting go-to content.

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Marketing Strategy


Shot Lists


Script review and revision


Video Production


Assembly and Editing

Sound Mixing and Mastering

Color Grading

"They were always open to feedback and willing to make modifications no matter how late in the game it was"

Jeffrey Robbins

Pathways to Graduation